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Welcome to Sagaria Care

As more and more people become urbanised, it has a detrimental effect on the social physique of people. The pace is fast and with more and more work and other pressures, people fall into a groove and in the end, burn themselves out. It becomes a situation of only me and myself. The result is that people become more and more lonely, families are broken up, and society becomes fragmented. In the past, the church played a central role in the community, but people become more and more churchless. 

About Sagaria Care

Sagaria Care is non-profit (NPO) registered company with Registration number 2016 / 044 868 / 08 and is also duly registered and in good standing with the Department of Social Development.

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What we are doing

The focus of Sagaria Care is to do community upliftment.

Sagaria care is engaged in the Evangelical upliftment of the community, and teaching children of the gospel. Many children and toddlers of poor households never get the opportunity to get away from home. We take them on camps and other activities during school holidays. During that time, we look after their well-being and physical needs. This creates an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. After such a camp, we follow up with visits to the houses of the children to engage their parents and to attend to their needs on an ongoing basis.

To give Christian prisoners who are released an address where they can get on their feet. This will include basic necessities which are not available elsewhere, or difficult to obtain like:
Help them to Fica and open a bank account, Help them to Rica and obtain a cell phone, Help them to attend a church of their choice, Help them psychologically and therapeutic to adjust to life outside prison and To Help them to obtain employment

Derailed persons There are quite a number of derailed persons in our community due to joblessness, broken marriages, trauma, life pressure etc. Some of these people only need a little motivation, understanding and help to get on their feet again.

Sagaria co-operates with orphanage houses to help them with clothing, food, stationery and health care, where possible.

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It is so fantastic when meeting these people after a while to hear how happy they are. The biggest gift they can offer is when they come and offer their time to help other people. The service to be rendered to these people is very intensive, as some of them need counselling, others legal assistance, transport from point A to B, a meal or more, medication, clothing, etc. Sagaria is bearing mostly all the cost as the derailed persons don’t have the financial capacity.

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A mistake what many people make is to believe that it won’t happen to them.

“Non-profit organisations have been hard hit as the global economic crisis has left a funding crisis that impacts hundreds of thousands of needy South Africans.

The Current South African economic environment is beset with major challenges on both economical and social front. South Africa has not been able to side step these issues even though we are an emerging economy. The unemployment rate is the highest in the industrial world. The job losses place significant strain on the social service providers in South Africa, many of whom are charities and reliant on the goodwill of corporate and individual contributors. The same charities have also been on the receiving and economic downturn in the form of a substantial reduction in the funds it has been able to obtain. Unless swift action is taken, the situation will continue to deteriorate, and more South Africans will decline into poverty and hopelessness. This does not bode well for a sustainable, prosperous and politically stable future. Together we can make a difference and set an example for the entire world to follow.


Sagaria Care always had a good relationship with the community and business and are very thankful for their support, especially the schools and churches who refer these derailed people to Sagaria care. Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis the assistance of people and busineses came to an end that means that Sagaria Care can hardly continue it’s work while the call for help is growing daily. Therefore, we have no choice but to ask for financial help whether is a small amount of a bigger amount – any financial help will greatfully be accepted.

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718 Swemmerstraat, Rietfontein, Pretoria, South Africa
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